The Plug-In Studio logocollaborations in art and technology
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Participants playing art games at the Street Arcade, Sept 2015 (photo courtesy Robert Banke).
Two students demonstrate their interactive sound sculpture.
Exploring electronics through Squishy Circuits.
A student demonstrates an interactive kinetic sculpture incorporating found objects.
A soft circuits workshop at Breakthrough Academy of Arts and Sciences.
A student builds an interactive kinetic sculpture.
Participants playing art games at the Street Arcade, Sept 2015 (photo courtesy Robert Banke).
An artist-teacher consults with a student on his video game.
A student programs a PicoCricket.
An interactive kinetic sculpture.
Artwork for a video game.
A explores inputs and outputs with littleBits.
Students created a collaborative piece using the IR capability of the PicoCrickets.
Exploring electrical circuits with Squishy Circuits.
A student refines his character design for a video game.
A Squishy Circuit fish.
A student demonstrates her Dancing Doll kinetic sculpture.
Exploring Squishy Circuits at an ArtMakerSpace event.
A participant in an ArtMakerSpace event.
A student adds color to orignal artwork for his video game.
Background artwork for a video game.
A young participant explores the rgb LED.
Two students discuss the code for their video games.
Exploring littleBits.
An artist-teacher assists a young participant at an ArtMakerSpace event.
An artist-teacher discusses game design with a student.
A young participant adjusts a littleBit.

Videos about our work

REVELATIONS Augmented Graffiti was a collaboration with Miguel Aguilar of the Graffiti Institute.
Video by Nat Soti/Inpoints. Read more about the project here.

FIELDWORKS: THE PLUG-IN STUDIO, The Street Arcade from A Blade of Grass on Vimeo.