The Plug-In Studio logo collaborations in art and technology
The Plug-In Studio collaborates with young people and adults
in Chicago communities.
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Two students demonstrate their interactive sound sculpture.
An artist-teacher consults with a student on his video game.
A explores inputs and outputs with littleBits.
Students created a collaborative piece using the IR capability of the PicoCrickets.
Exploring electrical circuits with Squishy Circuits.
A crowd gathers as the Street Arcade kicks off. Photo courtesy Robert Banke.
A student refines his character design for a video game.
A Squishy Circuit fish.
A student demonstrates her Dancing Doll kinetic sculpture.
Exploring Squishy Circuits at an ArtMakerSpace event.
Visitors played the games on custom-made arcade-style consoles.
A participant in an ArtMakerSpace event.
A student adds color to orignal artwork for his video game.
Background artwork for a video game.
A young participant explores the rgb LED.
Two students discuss the code for their video games.
Exploring littleBits.
An artist-teacher assists a young participant at an ArtMakerSpace event.
An artist-teacher discusses game design with a student.
A close up of a young player at the Street Arcade. Photo courtesy Robert Banke.
A young participant adjusts a littleBit.
Exploring electronics through Squishy Circuits.
A student demonstrates an interactive kinetic sculpture incorporating found objects.
A student builds an interactive kinetic sculpture.
Exploring Squishy Circuits.
A student programs a PicoCricket.
An interactive kinetic sculpture.
Artwork for a video game.



Kerry Richardson and Steve Ciampaglia

Named 2015 Fellows by A Blade of Grass Fellowship for Socially Engaged Art

Kerry Richardson is a socially engaged artist and teacher with a long history in collaborative community-based media. She is an Adjunct Full Professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she teaches in the Department of Film, Video, New Media, and Animation and the Department of Contemporary Practices.


Dr. Steve Ciampaglia is a New Media community artist and an Associate Professor of Art + Design Education at Northern Illinois University. His research areas are social justice and community arts, critical pedagogy, art + tech, and media arts education. He has presented his artwork and research at MIT, Stanford University, and Columbia University. He has been published in the Harvard Educational Review, Studies in Art Education, and the Journal of Social Theory in Art Education.